SEO – Website Domain 2020

Hello and welcome to techmekraj today in this session in search engine optimization will discuss about website domain if you are planning to build a website.In my other site i am writing on SEO is techmekraj and now work it out domain you should be choosing what should be there in the domain name what should not be there in the domain. So on and so forth let’s get started with it choosing a domain name is extremely important the factors that need to be considered in choosing a good domain is the niche the business the targeted audience and the brand name.If you also become an SEO Leader you also try like me morningscore.its easy simple and cheaper.

Website Domain

These are the factors that you need to take into consideration when you are choosing the website domain name for your website domain it could be the only niche and the business that you are selling if you are selling say for example pens or laptops that you want to sell make sure that the laptops the world laptops appears in the domain name or you may actually go with the targeted audience the professional that you are talking about who are actually the intended users and you can also create a name our website domain name on the brand name if you have a company already the company has a name you can create a domain name or register a domain name for your website domain on the brand name also these are the different factors several factors that you can take into consideration.

When registering a website domain name for your website the types there are basically two types of domain that you can choose for key word oriented industry business company name one is you can choose a domain name that has keywords related with your business or industry of your business or the name of the company this is one way of choosing a domain name the second is a brand name the professional name the skills and the expertise.

Website Domain

So now if I have a company called Stars consulting I can say Stars consulting calm that is the name of the company and I have a logo of that company but the users may not be able to understand what stars consulting is all about they have to go to the website to understand what this company does. But on the contrary if you take a brand name on you skills if I’m a digital marketing professional. I say digital marketing professional comm our digital marketing expert comm our digital marketing consultant comm that actually identifies me as a domain name with my skills and expertise there are two ways to do it you can do it by company name or you can go by your skills and expertise both are very very good domain name best practices what are the things that you need to consider a it choosing a domain keep it short the better the short the good the domain name will be easy to read and understand a word complex words make it more understandable more readable and make it more simple use keyword sit is important like a digital marketing consultant come our digital marketing consultant SEO professional.

Whatever the keywords that you choose of your industry of your expertise use better the keywords go with appropriate extension if you’re good .com .net dot before .org based on the business land that you are in go with an appropriate extension Howard using numbers and hyphens we see sometimes you don’t get a good domain that we are looking for then we try to add numbers into it digital marketing one two three comm that is that doesn’t sound good sometimes where I want a particular domain that is not available what I say digital – marketing -consultant com it doesn’t make any sense avoid numbers and hyphens avoid copying other brand names that doesn’t make any sense we should not be doing it if you are certain brands they have a website and that is it then what we do is we use the dog we use actually the brand names of those companies and put some some other name to it and create a domain that is not a good practice you should be doing in conclusion what we have seen in this article is choosing a domain name domain name types and the breast best practices that you need to implement in choosing a domain. Thank you so much for Come on my article hope to see you again in 4th part.

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