SEO – Types in 2020

Hello and welcome to techmekraj I Niraj J H. Today in search engine optimization we will discuss about types of search engine optimization what are the different types of search engine optimization what types should be followed what should not be followed what we should be doing and what we should not be doing in search engine optimization let’s get started with it there are classified in two broad categories the types what is one is the white hat SEO and the second is called the black hat SEO.Be an SEO Leader and expert using Tools like morningscore.Be sure you also become a Leader in few days.

Types of SEO

Now what is the difference between a white hat SEO and a black hat SEO technique that our search engines recommended as apart of a good design all the techniques that are recommended as a part of a good design that you need to implement on the website and follow search engine guidelines are white hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques that US banned I do not approve not approved by the search engine these techniques are also known as spam indexing all the techniques that search engines do not approve and they are banned by the search engines are called as black hat SEO .Never ever indulge them what are white hat SEO techniques considered white hat with the following features confirms to search engine guidelines particularly Google search engine guideline Google has specifically laid down and put a lot of emphasis what you should be doing and what you should not be doing on your website follow those guidelines and that actually conforms with the search engine guidelines are called as white hat techniques user-friendly design with good internal links good design that is user friendly that has a good interface good usability and good Is real experience is extremely important when you have a good design that actually is called a white hat technique original unique and beneficial content.

Now,Buddy you the users if you have a good design then if you have a duplicate content that doesn’t in essence when you have a good design make sure that the design gels with high quality content content is extremely important high value content original content unique content that is beneficial for the users quality inbound links links are coming to your website that is very good but make sure the links that come to your website pointing to your website comes from high quality website award links from bad sites are low quality website and these are actually considered some of the good white hat techniques that you need to implement in the black hat techniques you have got they do not conform to search engine Gardiner’s obviously hidden content cloaking doorway pages and keyword stuffing they do not work they will never work and they that is something that you should not be doing you’re serious about your business if you are doing SEO for some company or a client never ever indulge in these techniques they don’t make any sense a tall the sites could be banned follow only the white hat techniques that conforms to the search engine guidelines in conclusion what we have learn from this article our SEO types white hat SEO and the black hat SEO Thank You so much for get in. Hope to see you again.In our 3rd Part.

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