Future Changes in SEO 2020

Are You confused about what to focus on when it comes to search engine optimization, do what you
want to have the perfect SEO strategy when it goes into 2020? Hi, everybody. I’m Niraj J H, one of the top search engine optimization website in the nation. And today, I’m going to give you the focus on the most important items for search engine optimization in 2020.

#1. Content but not just content at scale, how can you create an amazing piece of content and then build an expert team. Around it so that you can scale that content initiative and get even more traffic for every single page that you create?

#2. Link building but professional link building outreach, where you’re promoting one or two amazing pieces of content each month who really care about it in your industry.
By doing that, you could be getting links to 10s of content every single month that really matters.

#3. Refreshing pages, you shouldn’t have any old pages on your website, every single page should be up to date and should be the latest and greatest. So make sure every single page on your website has been refreshed every six months.

#4.Schema.org just got it so Important with the Google Assistant schema.org now feeds data directly from your website into the Google Assistant. So you need to have a strategy to mark up all the most important pieces of your website with schema so that it goes straight into the assistant. And when nobody does voice search, the information that you want comes back straight.

#5. Google actions are the way you can build an app for the Google Assistant that is in everybody’s phone out there. So you need to take the time to claim your Google action in the Google actions directory and create your own Google action. Not really that hard to do. I was able to make one in about 20 minutes so you can create your own Google action,of course ,harder once are going to be more sophisticated and take more time.

#6. Page Speed, super important, is a ranking factor. And when you don’t have a fast website, you lose visitors, you need to make sure your mobile page speed is over 70 and your desktop page speed is over 80. And if it doesn’t keep working until you get there.

#7. Technical, you should be crawling your website every single month, have a list of all the technical errors and be working through them to fix them sequentially. Websites nowadays shouldn’t really have technical issues, but they still do. It’s pretty amazing. How many issues come up all the time that really the bigger the site, the more technical issues you need to be consistently working to improve those. And accelerated mobile pages are no more important than ever for
mobile and also for the Google Assistant as they can feed directly into the Google Assistant.

#8.And then also snippets can be created through schema.org in a specific way. So now you need to have pages and you need to make sure you’re marking up specific pieces of your content with schema so that it goes into Google. And basically, by marking it up with schema,You’re telling Goggle,you can use it.
This, you can use this within Google and you can use it within Google Assistant. So it’s going to be really important for everyone to develop a policy around the types of things that they do
If you want to have a search engine,having a major impact in World.And in some places,you can’t actually even do this type of market in other.

#9. Brand building, you just can’t do SEO anymore. You need a brand you need to be focusing on creating awareness. I love doing Facebook ads, YouTube videos, press releases, creating industry studies, all of these things, build the brand doing events, you know, using social media, there’s so much at our fingertips now that we can get a lot of exposure. General Chat Chat Lounge If you are not building a brand, you are not going to be successful in SEO, the two go hand in hand.

#10.EAT Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. You need to have an expert behind the content on your website. You do, you ‘re going to rank better. If you do not, and you are in the financial space of the medical space, there is a very, very good chance that you are not going to be able to get your content ranked. And you’re going to get hit hard by an algorithm update, or when a manual review person from the Google manual review team looks at that content, they’re going to dang it so that you don’t rank as well.

#11. International SEO and multilingual SEO, you can translate your website into a different language and you can rank in that language version in Google, you can push your website into another country or give you a whole new market You can reach out to international SEO, perhaps the best time ever to get involved in this as it is less competitive, and just a really easy win for a lot of businesses who can make it happen.

#12. SEO on other websites besides your own? What do I mean by that? Well, if I’m a writer for a big website, or if I can, you know, get a column on another website or just, you know, sign up for another website like medium, for example, I can write a post and I can optimize it for a topic, say I wanted to rank for SEO reporting or something like that, where I wanted to rank for, you know, the best holiday shopping guide, I can create a post on another website and get ranked. Now, what happened? Well, I’ve had the opportunity to not only get my own website rank but also another post for real estate in two different pages in Google. So SEO around the web, a great thing to do.

#13. Voice Search, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that goes around Voice Search. It ‘s really, really important. And now the way that you structure your content with FAQ and responses,
and then marking it up with schema is super, supercritical. Over 50% of searches in 2020 are supposed to be done by voice and now for the first time, I’ve got a guide of every single thing that creates a featured snippet and then every single type of featured snippet that creates a voice response. How cool is that? So building out a framework around that and then applying it to your business goals is going to be really, really important for everyone.

#14.Video Okay, video with the new Google Home Hub discovers Google with smartphones in general, so connected, especially if they’re on Android to YouTube. YouTube feeds directly into Google Discover YouTube feeds directly into the Google Home hub. YouTube is critical. And if you don’t have a video, as part of your strategy, you’re really, really missing out for SEO, but for the idea of ​​creating a video, you can post that to YouTube and into your own website. , and also to LinkedIn to igtv, to Instagram stories to the Instagram feed, you know, you can go out all around the web, there are a whole bunch of other places I didn’t take. So for every single strategy pro tip of the video core component, if you want to learn more about video distribution and my exact formula for doing it, check out the video I made on the YouTube channel. Okay, my last one today.

#15. Security. Security is going to be so important. Google just came out and if you are not on HTTPS, that is important but also if there is anything in the code of your website site that is not HTTPS that will block your entire website for sewing up in the search engine. So being secure, more important than ever as the web. Okay, so those are my top things for search engine optimization going into 2020. Certainly, there’s a lot more. But if you focus on really quality content, the link building strategy that I’m talking about, you know, you’re getting involved in voice and you jump on the schema and the Google actions and all that stuff quicker than your competition, thinking about how international. all these things play together. And then of course, if you’re doing local SEO, there’s still an amazing thing to do with optimizing the state, the city, the zip code, even down to the profile level, all of which is still very, very relevant. It’s the most exciting time for search engine optimization and still incredibly powerful for businesses. So hope you like my post and comment me in comment box and for more details click,



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