How to Write Your First Blog Post

Have you started a new blog and wondered how to write your first blog post? Then you will think about the luck because you will not be able to do it!

Writing your first post can look like a difficult task, especially if you do not know where to start.

But it will not be so difficult! You just need some ideas to roll the ball.

Go to post page
The hardest step in every journey is always the first step. So log in to Blogger for the first time and click on Post> New Post.

It is important that you visit this page or you never start. If you look forward to clicking on the large publish button, it will motivate you to complete the post.

So it was not easy, but now what? Now you are deciding what to write.

If you’re stalking on a blank screen, think what to write, do not worry! I am going to help you get rid of the author’s block!

Ideas for your first blog post
So you are ready to write your first blog post for your new blog and from your brain .. You know .. Below it.

Yes it does. In that case, I give you some ideas that you can use for your first blog post.

Thinking of “Your Introduction”
I think it would be helpful to introduce your first post to who you are and what you are hoping to do with your blog.

This type of post is easy because no research is required for this. You just type naturally and let words flow. There is no such way that you can make a mistake by speaking with your heart.

Let the reader know about you:

Who are you (something for your personality in it!)
Why you started a blog
What kind of material they can expect to move forward
Links to your social media profiles.
A personal introduction in the form of your first post is a terrible idea. But it does not give much value to your reader, does it?
Well, the next idea ensures!

“Home guide” post
Let your socks flush like that? Start your blog with perception! As your first blog post, start writing about the head guide?

Write a comprehensive guide on the subject, whatever your blog will be. It should be known very long, which we call “column post”.

This post will end up being your most popular post. This is the post that you link to most of your future blog posts.

Having a first post, decide to send this post on social media. Write a last guide post as your first blog post and you can publish from Day 1 to Social Media.

“Quote” post
This next idea for your first blog post is super easy.

If you are very concerned about bringing your first post there, but do not feel sufficiently creative to write something, consider posting quotes.

Compile a list of your favorite quotes that guide your Niche which are relevant. Do a Google search and copy and paste some of your favorite quotes.

This type of post is not the biggest in terms of quality, but it is your best bet for being viral on Twitter and Facebook.

“Sound reply” post
Gather a list of authorization bloggers in your lowercase with your contact information. Email each one asking for advice on the important subject in your lowercase.

If you are financed in the Niche, then you can ask their opinion about this.

If your lower right is good, then you can ask other bloggers about this about their best tip in this Niche.

Let them know that you are planning to create a round-up post of experts and linking them back to their site.

Most of them will write back with their tip, because pro bloggers never want to miss an opportunity for a free backlink!

Do not forget to add your opinion in this article. This will make you together with these top bloggers and will make you like an authority.

Get information from other bloggers

Do not know what to write on your first blog post? No more worry! I have saved the best tip for the last one.

Check out other bloggers of your lowercase what they are writing.

Do a Google search for your blog in the Niche Go back and find their first post.

Want to know a secret? The first blog post of some awesome bloggers is not really fun!

Every blogger, no matter how big, was to start somewhere. Where are you at this time

Once you see how bad the first post of some bloggers was, then there is no need to scare you.

If this is all too much, then feel that blogging is a process.

You will get better.

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