Pollution is a Serious Problem in the 21st Century

 Welcome to the 21st Century, but we are scared of thinking about some 21st century problems.Pollution is a serious problem to  but we are afraid of some problems of the 21st century. Using the atom bomb in World War II, Japan’s two cities Hiroshima,Nagasaki had lost more than 75,000 thousand lives in the sixth part of the horrific scandal. Horror does not stop.The effects of its pollution are still visible even today children with disabilities are born.

In the twentieth century, due to industrial revolution, many industries have been continuously exposed to poisonous substances in many of these industries. With this, traffic is also increased too much, with carbon fuel emitted by diesel or petrol, it releases poisonous gas like carbon monoxide, thus increasing the amount of airborne carbon monoxide. There is also a noise pollution of vehicles

  Because of the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides in agriculture, cereals and vegetables have also been polluted and the fertility of the soil has decreased. Chemical gas is often used by chemical factories and it is severely damaged, as like 1984 Bhopal  tragedy.

Over the last 50 years, our country’s population has grown a lot. There are many problems due to the Overcrowded population. Cities are increasingly being man-made with concrete jungle. Many people in the city live in a sloppy slump, but also in hell conditions such cities as Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata,. For the residents of the country and the growing population, forest cover has been destroyed. So the ratio of rain has decreased and the increase in heat has increased. Due to the contaminated water rivers and ocean, the life of aquatic animals has also been threatened and there is a shortage of good water to drink.Today, the government is encouraging the collection of rain water harvesting. Now on this Situation become very acute in some parts of India including Maharashtra, Tamilanadu and Karnataka.Now Pollution Control Board and Government of India is also taking serious action with State Governments too.

  Thus, human life has been threatened by the pollution of air, water, noise and toxic gas. Today the wise people are worried about it. These reducing remedies are also being done. 5th June is celebrated as a International Environment Day. Every year, there are Tree Plantation Day celebrations also. People are often prescribed for remedies for air, water and noise pollution. It is vigilant to be groomed and unnecessarily not to be cut off trees. Efforts are also made to grow forests. Vehicles have been made compulsory to obtain PUC certification by checking the vehicle’s engine for reducing the pollution of vehicles. Even serious considerations are being made to destroy nuclear weapons.Today, a Plastic Waste has also become a problem, which the government has taken seriously.

We also cooperate with the government in the solution of pollution reduction, otherwise, the pollution will be destroyed by the demon.

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